PESCAVIVA canned sweet corn, has been produced by D.A.F.al. specially for fishing, since 1977.
D.A.F. al., has produced canned sweetcorn for human consumption since 1972 and following the demand for sweetcorn fishing bait they developed a special range of canned sweetcorn fishing baits which they distribute throughout Europe under the Pescaviva brand name.

The range of Pescaviva sweetcorn bait products include:

Pescaviva sweetcorn cans have a ring-pull opening for convenience. The cans are also supplied with a ‘snap-on’ plastic lid to facilitate storage of the contents, after the can has been opened, so that it can be used in several sessions of fishing. The grains are carefully selected for size, appearance and texture, stored in a simple solution of water, sugar and salt and vacuum packed in cans following a careful process of sterilization.

This process makes Pescaviva environmentally friendly, safe for both fish and fishermen. D.A.F. al., received formal recognition of its production and canning system, when it was awarded the ISO 9002 certification in respect of its quality control systems and other organisational and management procedures.